Policy, Procedures & Controls

AML/CFT Programme

An AML/CFT Programme represents the policy, procedures and controls of an AML/CFT compliance framework. The Programme protects an organisation from a breach of regulatory requirements. AML360 ensures an AML/CFT programme represents effective measures for meeting compliance obligations. With our digital solution, the development and ongoing maintenance of an AML/CFT Programme is simplified. 

AML Programme NZ

Transition to digital compliance with AML360 and streamline AML/CFT with automated data analysis and actioning of regulatory workflows.


Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews and iterative approaches.


Insert your logo and use the encryption feature to embed your online Programme to your in-house systems.

Take Control

Our programme eliminates consulting fees whilst at the same time providing you advice from AML professionals.

Editing Tool

All updates are published instantly to your in-house link. Revisions can be tracked.


Your guidance manual includes advice on best practice and mandatory legal requirements.

Online Query

From within the programme, staff can raise questions direct with the AML Compliance Officer.


If your staff are out of the office, your programme is accessible direct from a mobile device.


All updates are automatically implemented across employees accounts.


You can print to PDF.  A title page with the date and the version reference are automated