Your business risk assessment, AML/CFT programme, customer profiles, transaction monitoring, geography risks, case management and PEPs and sanctions screening are stored in your AML360 portal.


Whether you require customer or client profiling, transaction monitoring or ongoing due diligence, our inbuilt rules and filters automates the process. We also have an option for bulk customer profiling.


Heat maps ensure your business can quickly interpret risk status, without the need to absorb bulky data reports. The inbuilt filters mean you can report on risk status within minutes or drill down for further detail. This is a perfect solution for senior management reporting.


AML360 significantly reduces the human resourcing factor through a simultaneous action of data capturing, analysis, reporting and maintenance of record keeping. Reduce your compliance costs.


From your AML360 dashboard you can carry out an internal review of your entire AML/CFT framework. Use this resource leading up to an audit and identify problematic areas. Track and report through the case management register.


AML360 embeds the risk based methodology recommended by regulators. This means your business can adjust to suit regulatory expectation and your preferred risk appetite. Your dashboard ensures you have flexibility and that updates are easy and immediate.

We use automation so your business can streamline AML compliance and reduce operating costs.

AML Software


Small and medium sized businesses can operate our premium AML compliance service.

Save time

Automating risk and compliance means you have more time to dedicate to business objectives.


Regardless of your industry sector, our systems are fully tailored to your needs and expectations.

Eliminate Pain

Take the pain away from compliance by eliminating manual processes, saving time and reducing costs.

AML360 is leading the industry with an end-to-end anti-money laundering compliance solution.

AML Monitoring


Upload your spreadsheet of transaction data and instantly identify higher risk activity. Use the case management feature to record actions.

Money Laundering Risk Assessment

Business Risks

Completing a business risk assessment can be achieved in less than 15 minutes. Receive a comprehensive data report with heat maps.

AML360 software

Customer Profiling

Legislation requires businesses to identify higher risk customers. We automate this process to your exact requirements. Bulk profiling available.

AML Program


Easily maintain your programme through an online policy editor.  Access from your AML360 dashboard or embed to your inhouse systems.

AML360 Monitoring

PEPs & Sanctions

Access Dow Jones data and a practical workflow when carrying out customer screening of PEPs and sanctions.  Automatically notify senior management.

Customer Profiling

Case Manage

There are many administrative tasks to complete for ongoing maintenance of AML/CFT compliance. Manage and track each requirement with AML360. 

AML Geography Risks

Geography Risks

Keep up-to-date with geography risks.  Option of using multiple data sets from reputable sources. Country file notes included. Fully tailored to requirements.

AML Training


We offer training programmes for New Zealand, Australia and other countries in the  Asia Pacific region. Certificate of completion, knowledge quiz and CRM included.


Appoint AML360 as your external AML manager. Receive a full time AML professional, along with access to leading technology. A++  compliance services.

AML Outsourcing


Outsource your obligations on an external management arrangement.  Though we cannot take on your role of AML Compliance Officer, we can eliminate up to 80% of your administrative functions.  You receive a full-time AML professional, along with access to AML compliance software for a fee that is less than half the cost of an employee. 

Inhouse Solutions

If your business is managing your AML/CFT compliance obligations inhouse, AML360 will provide you with the end-to-end procedures and controls so that your compliance framework is easily embedded into day-to-day business operations.  Our systems are fast, efficient and effective. You will no longer have the burden of manual processing which means you save time and costs.  

AML Compliance