Risk-Based Approach

AML Risk Assessments

AML360 uses data-driven technology to automate the analysis and reporting of business risks linked to money laundering and terrorism financing. With regulatory technology, complexities of the risk process and establishing an adequately risk methodology are extinguished. Using a simple point-and-click interface, your business can access a comprehensive AML/CFT business risk report. 

AML Compliance Reporting

We provide you an online form with the required regulatory data points so your business can adequately assess your AML/CFT business risks. 

AML Business Risk Assessments
AML Business Risk Assessment

Select Data

AML360 technology identifies your higher risk areas. 

AML Risk Assessment


Work through the form, add notes then submit. 

AML Risks
AML Risk Assessment

Review Report

Your report explains the risks and includes policy prompts.

AML Business Risks

AML Risk Report

AML/CFT Business Risks

Compliance laws for Anti-Money Laundering & Countering Financing of Terrorism require an effective firm-wide risk report. Not all businesses however have an in-house AML/CFT compliance professional. Or a business may lack expertise in how to document an effective risk methodology. Penalties are high for in inadequate risk assessment and the ongoing regulatory scope upon your business is disruptive.

The AML360 risk assessment has been developed by compliance professionals for compliance professionals.  This allows your business to access AML Compliance expertise without incurring high-cost advisory fees. Just open and complete the form, submit, and receive your customised AML/CFT business risk report.

AML Risk Report

Governance Reporting: AML Risk Assessments

AML Risk Assessments should be reviewed and updated at least every year. The review should consider AML/CFT Supervisor guidance material and reflect any changes that have occurred within the business sector. By using the AML360 form, your business will automatically incorporate regulatory updates to your AML risk reviews. 

AML Business Risks

We have taken care of AML risk assessments so you can concentrate on your primary business goals.