Check your compliance level against 70+ hotspots.

Your business is obligated to undertake a review to test the strengths and weaknesses of your AML/CFT compliance framework.  

AML360 provides your firm with an analysis report to rate 70+ audit hot spots. Your advisory report includes references to the anti-money laundering legislation against the AML/CFT hot spots. Your report also includes tips and prompts on how to strengthen any weaknesses.

Updates to the compliance review can be carried out at any time during the 12-month subscription period. 

No Advisory Fees

We have packaged professional services to online technology so your business can take control without incurring advisory fees.​

70+ Hot Spots

Identify problematic areas before an auditor. The evaluation analyses against primary AML/CFT compliance obligations.

Update Anytime

Update the AML360 HealthCheck as often as required over 12 months. Complete before undertaking an AML/CFT audit.

Comprehensive Report

Your report incorporates references to legal requirements, heat maps and advice on how controls can be strengthened.​

Less Resourcing

AML compliance does not have to be resource intensive. Our automated systems ensure you reduce operational costs.

Protect Brand

By undertaking the AML/CFT HealthCheck you have the opportunity to resolve issues before an external inspection.

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