AML CFT compliance is not revenue-generating, but it is a core component for effectively executing business strategies.  For half the cost of an employee, we will provide you a full time AML compliance professional, along with regulatory technology and a complete, operational, AML/CFT framework. This enables your business to reduce your AML CFT compliance cost, eliminate the hassle and ensure that the burden on your organisation is minimised so that you can focus on your core business. That is our commitment. We focus on your AML CFT compliance needs, and you focus on your core business.

AML Outsourcing


We provide you with a full time AML professional, along with regulatory technology and a complete AML/CFT framework, for half the cost of an employee.


AML360 will manage your AML compliance obligations, allowing you to concentrate on core business goals and objectives.


We provide your business 24/7 access to your AML360 dashboard and keep your AML Compliance Officer informed of important events.


We report on a monthly basis with graphical charts to ensure easy interpretation and less absorption of your time.


Your outsourcing arrangement has oversight by AML experts. We protect your reputation and save you compliance costs.


Your business retains privacy and confidentiality of your clients' data by using AML360's Unique ID reference.