Know Your Customer Risks

Client Risk Profiling

Your AML360 dashboard incorporates client profiling and includes drill-down filters, heat maps of key risks, as well as client profile reports and a case register. You can quickly identify the risk status across your entire client base through a single mouse click.  The software is fully tailored to meet your AML/CFT compliance requirements.

AML customer risk

Clients present the greatest risk to your business unwittingly facilitating money laundering or terrorism financing. We establish your profiling methodology.

AML Compliance Framework

Align Risks

Your AML Supervisor expects greater resourcing commitment to higher risk customers. We make that easy to achieve.

Heat Maps

Heat maps provide a snap shot status of the risk position across your entire customer base. Print to PDF for management reports.


Profiling allows all required risk data to be communicated to your AML Compliance Officer. This aids ongoing due diligence and monitoring.

Editing Tool

Profiling updates can be executed through a single click, then press 'Calculate'. The former data and new profile are included in the risk register.

Unique ID

Using the Unique ID option, fully protect client data. This ensures no accidental privacy breach and retains business confidentiality.

Case Manage

Your client profiling platform includes a case management register from where you can set task actions and priority levels.